Everything in one feed

Review Command gathers your ratings & reviews for all of your apps, from all countries, and all major app stores, and displays them in 1 simple feed.
Supports iOS App Store, Mac App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store and Windows Store.
You don't even need to own the app to track reviews. Add your competitors for market research! (*Google Play not supported)


Total Control

  • Drill Down

    In addition to your main feed, your can filter a specific app's feed by country, date, and phrases mentioned. Easily see what users love (and don't love) about your app.

  • Visualize

    See your ratings over time in beautiful graphs and charts.

  • All in one app

    See all of your recent reviews, and even reply to them (Google Play) directly in the app. No more hopping from site to site every day trying to manage reviews.

Security & Convenience

Review Command is a Mac app you own forever (with free upgrades!), rather than a subscription web service that will disappear or spike their prices after building up a user-base.

  • No Cloud

  • No Subscriptions

  • You own your data

We don't want your passwords. We don't have a cloud. Your account passwords are only stored locally on your Mac. The app communicates directly with the store APIs. Import and export your database of collected reviews, and do whatever you want with your data.


Questions or Feedback? Email us anytime and we'll usually get back to you right away: support@reviewcommand.co

    Download - $19
    Lifetime use - no monthly subscription